Children are the hope for the future, so it is essential to concern about the health of children. Children are innocent and lovable, yet vulnerable and delicate. As they grow up, children may encounter various psychological and physiological problems. “Disease" is the most prominent problem for physiological health, so the prevention and timely treatment of potential children diseases are important for guaranteeing the healthy growth of children; especially in the family, basic or professional prevention and treatment of children diseases can provide powerful support for the children’s health. For parents, nothing is more important than children's health. Most children are born healthy, grow up normally, and finally become healthy adults. To follow this growth track, your children need some health precautions and routine examinations. In addition, he/she needs your help in daily life, for example, in aspects of diet, sleep, walking and communication.

The elderly
Among the known biological species, human is the only one that can survive for decades beyond the reproductive age. In the 20th century, the average life expectancy in the developed countries was prolonged by 60%, an increase from 50 years old to 80 years old. Therefore, a series of health issues brought about by population aging have become research topics. As people age, some major body organ systems would degenerate in some ways, followed by changes in some characteristics, which are within our expectation as we get older.


Females give birth to lives, and are the essential species in the nature. History and nature have endowed them with various roles; in addition, women have also made a great contribution to the social progress nowadays. Given all these factors, we must pay close attention to females’ health. Due to their special anatomical and physiological characteristics, females may suffer from diseases specific to themselves and diseases common to human beings. We should start from the details to pay attention to females’ health, to take preventive measures, and to perform regular physical examination. If others can take care of them during special physiological period in daily life and master family medical knowledge, these can assist us in taking care of females.
Males are the backbone of families, important components of the society and powerful promoters of human progress. They are tall, tough, and powerful, so they are often labeled as “strong”, and their vulnerability would easily be overlooked by others. Due to heavy pressure from the family and society, males are more prone to mental and physical illness, so we should not only consider that they are strong and powerful, but also realize that they are lonely and vulnerable. Males not only possess a special role in the family and society, they are also ordinary human beings. Compared with females, they also have special anatomical and physiological characteristics, and also need attention and care. Understanding male family medicine can provide full guarantee for the males’ health.





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