Initiated by President Wang Feng of Lonch Group in 2005, the Nightingale Charity Organization aims to show care for people in need and cultivate the civic awareness so that more people would join us. By gathering together scattered resources, we hope this kind of charity work can help make the society better and more harmony. The foundation of Nightingale Charity Organization (hereafter referred to as Nightingale) is a practice of rational charity. Guided by the principle of caring for life and contributing to society, it pool resources through various charity activities, in a bid to push for the development of civil society and mankind civilization as a whole. Apart from donations made to impoverished or disaster-afflicted areas, Nightingale also care for the stay-at-home children, elder people of no family or with senile dementia, or even stray animals, whether to accompany them or show respect for them, and we hope more and more people will pay attention to them. As a bond between charity and the public, Nightingale hopes more individuals and enterprises join us to take on social responsibility, create positive social influence, do charity work in a rational way and show care for people in need. Nightingale will pool resources and carry forward the spirit of social charity to bring warmth to everyone.

Care for every water drop, assemble rivers into the sea, and moisten people’s hearts

Offer help at crucial moments
bring laughter to the elder and children
harmonious co-existence with the environment
In 2005, it attend the Corporate Citizen Conference held at the Great Hall of the People as the first private enterprise.
In 2005, it donated medicines to disaster-afflicted areas in Sichuan, Anhui, Hunan, Xinjiang and Jiangxi Province.
In 2005, it donated stationery and daily necessities to stay-at-home children in Jingyan County, Sichuan Province.
In 2006, it joined hands with Tianjin Beiyang Hospital to offer voluntary treatment for village dwellers and brought to the spot portable B ultrasound devices and medicines.
In 2006, it donated medicines to Beiyang Hospital at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tianjin.
In 2006, it donated medicines to the draught and typhoon-afflicted areas in Sichuan and Zhejiang Province.

In 2013, it launched the charity activity of caring for the elder with senile dementia.
In July, 2012, together with the faculty and students at Beijing Guang’ai School, it organized a trip to Nandaihe themed Lonch Trip of Love, Recording Love with Your Camera.
In 2008, it donated medicines to areas hit by the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake.
In 2006, it donated books to stay-at-home children in Jingyan County, Sichuan Province.
In 2006, it donated medicines to Beijing Red Cross and visited elder people at Yinian Nursing Home in Tongzhou District.

In 2014, it built the natural medicine planting base, with the mission of ecological harmony and high production standards.
In 2013, it implemented treatment of production sewage to protect the environment.
In September, 2007, it funded the charity organization to protect stray animals and animals suffering from abuse.
In 2013, Lonch implemented production sewage purification treatment, protecting natural environment from being damaged
In 2006, it initiated the campaign of wasted battery recovery for the protection of the environment and investigate the situation of wasted battery recovery.





Together with charity organizations, we show care for the society
If you also havethe enthusiasm for charity work,
and if you want to be part of the benevolence, please write an e-mail to us
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